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If you own or manage a business and have a problem, a mathematical model may be helpful. We enter into a dialog to ascertain and clarify your problem before we propose to create a model. ADASI offers professional consulting in management decision sciences and operations research.

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ADASI seeks books which reflect the viewpoint of individual authors. We do not seek books written by committees or requiring institutional approvals. Our editorial associates either accept or not. They do not offer compromises or meddle in an author's works (except to point out at most a few errors standing in the way of publication).

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Here is a readable and thorough account of the significance of a pivotal scientist of the early 17th century. Galileo's contributions to the content, scientific method, and instruments of science were so many and so critical that the title "Father of Modern Science" is usually reserved for him.

Galileo's Science


ADASI's chief consultant about to board a client's Learjet for a site visit to view the operation being modeled.

ADASI's chief consultant about to board a client's Learjet for a site visit to view the operation being modeled.

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ADASI offers mathematical modelling of business processes, systems, and products. It also offers products in the form of publications in the applied mathematical sciences. ADASI has been doing business since before the dawn of commercial traffic on the Internet, and has had a continuous presence as a .com or .org website supplying happy customers since 1995.

In the 1980s, we formed a corporation that has typically performed applied-mathematical modelling for profitable commercial and aerospace companies. Today, we use decision sciences to present our findings in an easy-to-follow format so that you can make an informed decision for your company. Our clients have used these services to advantages such as being able to predict the performance of a project underway, or being better able to diagnose problems in such projects.

Later, we decided to supplement the consulting services described above by also offering publications that describe the history of, philosophy of, or technology underlying the niche that we occupy in the business world. These are quality books on applied mathematics and the history or philosophy of physical science — offered in geographical regions or in topical domains that extend the coverage of other publishers and expand the readership of contributing authors. We publish books solely on the history and philosophy of physical science and mathematics, and remain open, though highly selectively, to publishing new manuscripts. In the words of our chief consultant and founder: "The history of science is as much about science as it is about history."

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